Seasons Greetings
Wishing you and your loved ones happy holidays, a season full of joy and cheer.

Save on these Items (On-going until 30th September 2018)
Waitrose Essential Peanut Butter Smooth 340g
NOW: Ghc 16
WAS: Ghc 32
Bonne Maman Jam Peaches 370g
NOW: Ghc 17.7
WAS: Ghc 21.2
Diamir Jam Strawberry Extra 340g
NOW: Ghc 8.4
WAS: Ghc 11.2
Valade Organic Orange Jam 240g
NOW: Ghc 15.7
WAS: Ghc 29.5
Valade Apricots Jam 450g
NOW: Ghc 8.5
WAS: Ghc 17.6
Rowse Honey Clear Jar 340g
NOW: Ghc 19
WAS: Ghc 38.7
Silver Spoon Light Brown Sugar 500g
NOW: Ghc 9.5
WAS: Ghc 18.8
DFG Royal Cocoa Powder Black 1Kg
NOW: Ghc 116
WAS: Ghc 139.5
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